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A Duel of Feathers
A Storm of Cloaks: Book 2

GH Babagilo





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Autographed Paperback


A Storm of Cloaks series continues with this gripping second book of G.H. Babagilo’s epic adventure A Duel of Feathers.


In the midst of this deadly storm, magical orders are battling, betrayals brewing, and all bleeding. Nothing is certain… None is safe…


A cursed night dispersed the Nestless Eagles band from their only nest. On the Sapphire Sea, Lia and Alec meet a notorious pirate whose tongue is sharper than any blade.


Meanwhile, Niro and Tashunko travel with Elmagos, the green wizard, to Capana. There, in the White Castle, unexpected events swirl the fate of Low Earth.


Lord Roy Fogel, the master of the Lone Wolf fortress, put all his faith and trust in a treacherous Scorpion Kahn. Can a wolf embrace a scorpion without being stung?


In Thousand Knolls, a shepherd lad is about to push himself beyond his limits…

Soon enough, all will realize the forces within the storm…

Transformation comes in many forms

"This is one of the best books I've read in a long time and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites...and given the times we live in, there isn't a better time for this book to be published. 

Grace of the Monarchs is the one which transformed my life most significantly. It quite literally changed the way I engage with the world and opened the door for me to embark down a path of more peace, joy, and inner freedom than I could have imagined.

This book can provide you with practical and meaningful direction about the process of and challenges with, understanding and releasing aspects of the ego." 

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Breath of fresh air and very relatable.

"One of the few books that I can honestly say that I can refer to for inspiration. I really enjoyed reading something so positive and uplifting. The character of Grace is very inspiring and makes the reader believe that anything is possible. Reading about someone else's journey through transformation and arriving at the desired destination is truly refreshing and good for the soul. The story is very well written and it is like a breath of fresh air. Definitely gets five stars from me.

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Beautiful and Uplifting

"This book was a sweet surprise. The creativity and imagery transported me to another dimension yet I felt I could completely relate to the themes explored. It encourages transcending boundaries built up by fear and the realities of life. But it does this not through instruction but with prose that induces such a state of calm and positivity that I felt like reading it daily as a soothing preparation for the day. The writing, composed like beautiful music, makes you feel like you were dancing on a cloud. Highly recommend!"

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A Miracle Sent!

"It is truly a miracle when a book touches a reader's heart. I can honestly say that seldom have I encountered a book with that miracle. This book by G.H. Babagilo is one of those few. 

Simple words but flavorful description abounds in this book. Great story telling and a uniquely wonderful plot and twists. Love, passion, hope and happiness: all can be found in this novel. Not just a great read, but also a touching and inspiring one. All books should be like this, educate and inspire. One of my best read! 

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