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Nestless Eagles
A Storm of Cloaks: Book 1 

GH Babagilo





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Autographed Paperback


You are about to immerse yourself into an epic adventure like no other: A Storm of Cloaks. In the midst of this deadly storm, magical orders are battling, betrayals brewing, and all bleeding. Nothing is certain.... None is safe....

High above the Sea Forest, Niro and his notorious band, the Nestless Eagles, are about to lose their only shelter. Desperate to save their nest, they embark on a perilous journey....

Roy Fogel, the Lord of the Lone Wolf fortress, has just received grim news. At last, his secret past might have caught up with him. There is no time to be cautious now, for the North's fate and his own destiny are on the line. 

For eight long moons, Elmagos, the green wizard of Low Earth, found no clues about the kidnapping riddle, yet his eyes and ears discovered other troubling signs, marks he has not seen since the Great War. 

Amid this turmoil, an unexpected visitor whispers dreadful tidings: "Wizards and witches are leaving the Floating Islands for Low Earth, joining forces with the Cursed City. Soon they will be ready to wage a total war." 

A terrible storm is coming....

Begin a new adventure with this book

"A fantasy tale that ignites the imagination of Wizards and mysterious worlds, but invites the reader to introspect on so much more. The author's compelling writing illuminates the senses while diving into the adventures of two budding warriors, Niro and Tashunko. Excellent character development kept my interest the entire time and I couldn't wait to start the next book. Plenty of twists and turns throughout the book to keep the story surprising and tantalizing the entire way. Great start to what seems to be an epic tale."

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"Babagilo's books are amazing!

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Vivid Imagery

"The author writes in such a way that crafts vivid imagery and immerses you right into the story. It a a fictitious world; however, some area seem to apply to real life issues to overcome. The characters are strong and well developed. This is the first book and I'm interested in reading the next!"

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If you like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings this adventurous book series is for you

With great imagination...tales of loss, triumph, and heart are told with flare through the eyes of many richly drawn characters and locales. Great for adults and young readers alike. Finished the first book and eager for the next. I just bought them all, including a second copy of G.H. Babagilo's first all time favorite..."Grace of the Monarchs & Her Miraculous Journey." Ready to immerse myself into an epic adventure surely to be like no other." 

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