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A Duel of Feathers: Book 2 - AUTOGRAPHED



A Storm of Cloaks series continues with this gripping second book of G.H. Babagilo’s epic adventure A Duel of Feathers.


In the midst of this deadly storm, magical orders are battling, betrayals brewing, and all bleeding. Nothing is certain… None is safe…


A cursed night dispersed the Nestless Eagles band from their only nest. On the Sapphire Sea, Lia and Alec meet a notorious pirate whose tongue is sharper than any blade.


Meanwhile, Niro and Tashunko travel with Elmagos, the green wizard, to Capana. There, in the White Castle, unexpected events swirl the fate of Low Earth.


Lord Roy Fogel, the master of the Lone Wolf fortress, put all his faith and trust in a treacherous Scorpion Kahn. Can a wolf embrace a scorpion without being stung?


In Thousand Knolls, a shepherd lad is about to push himself beyond his limits…


Soon enough, all will realize the forces within the storm…

A Duel of Feathers: Book 2 - AUTOGRAPHED

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