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Tongues of Silk and Fire: Book 3 - AUTOGRAPHED



A Storm of Cloaks series continues with this thrilling third book of G.H. Babagilo’s epic adventure Tongues of Silk and Fire.


In the midst of this deadly storm, magical orders are battling, betrayals brewing, and all bleeding.


Nothing is certain… None is safe…


With the Wizards’ Game on the horizon, the Southern Team is about to start a ghostly training, one that will test each member to the bones.


After seeing the Peacocks of the Veerlands deceiving his order, Kennard the black is filled with wrath. As he sets a plot on Low Earth, a tongue catches fire…


Lia, the feistiest Eagle in the band, has no choice but to ally herself with Captain Eel.  Now, her life depends on a tongue of silk…


Troubled by the alarming events on the Floating Islands, Elmagos, the green wizard, is on the move.  Time is against him.  He must travel to the North without delay. 


Within the storm, there is a glimpse into the past…

Tongues of Silk and Fire: Book 3 - AUTOGRAPHED

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