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The Crown and the Cloak: Book 4 - AUTOGRAPHED



A Storm of Cloaks series continues with this hair-raising fourth book of G.H. Babagilo’s epic adventure, The Crown and the Cloak.


In the midst of this deadly storm, magical orders are battling, betrayals brewing, and all bleeding.


Nothing is certain… None is safe…


Blinded by an alluring treasure, Captain Eel and his shipmate are about to discover that not all is promising…


The bond between Niro, Tashunko, and Edelin is growing stronger as their training continues.  Yet some unexpected event might shatter it all.


Beyond the Frosty Reef, on the island of death, Half-Lip and unexpected allies are about to face the battle of their life.


In the Cloak Castle, strange things are happening that will change the fate of all.


As a thunderous storm takes over, blood spreads everywhere…

The Crown and the Cloak: Book 4 - AUTOGRAPHED

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